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  • Negotiation


    Negotiation of terms and conditions of business sales and acquisitions.

  • Profiles


    Academic, professional, personal and financial profiles.

  • Preparation


    Preparation of business plans & loans packaging for presentation to lenders or equity investors

  • Legal Representation


    Legal representation at closing with regard to financing business acquisitions and sales.

Joseph M. Purifico, ESQ.
Founder and CEO


Joseph M. Purifico, ESQ. offers a unique and full scope of professional services for the entrepreneur. As an accountant on the staff of a big six public accounting firm, the General Counsel for an international leasing company and Owner, CEO and General Counsel for a national retailer, Joseph M. Purifico combines over 44 years of legal, financial, real estate, accounting, business evaluation, acquisition and sales experience.

Let Us Turn Your Dreams Into Reality

Webster’s dictionary defines the word entrepreneur as “a person who organizes and manages a business undertaking assuming the risk for the sake of profit.” The primary shortcoming of most first time entrepreneurs, is that they fail to organize and analyze themselves prior to commencing the search and acquisition phases of their new venture. Therefore, instead of properly identifying and evaluating their strengths and weaknesses, they maximize their risks in the quest for profits and financial success.


Although a typical first time entrepreneur may be a highly skilled and seasoned executive, the decisions made by and for him or her under the corporate blanket are significantly different than those made by an individual, who may be risking every personal asset to invest in an entrepreneurial venture. The need for professional and sound advice built upon a foundation of integrity is essential.


Rather than spending months in an uncoordinated approach to the search for the ideal acquisition, or placing your trust, time and effort with the typical untrained and unprofessional business broker, consider the nature, scope and full range of services offered by Entrepreneurial Advisors LLC.


We would be pleased to discuss with you the services offered by the firm without charge for the initial consultation. Fees are billed on a retainer and contingent basis and we will provide a full list of references for your review upon request.


After making the important decision to become an entrepreneur, let Entrepreneurial Advisors, LLC help you to maximize your profit potential and minimize your risks…